Straight or Gay Relationship/Couple issues

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Straight or Gay Relationship/Couple issues? Even the strongest and most long lasting relationships - whether straight or gay - can go through times of trial that feel like they're spelling the end of your relationship!  In all honesty that might be the case...or not...but it's extremely difficult to sort it out yourself.  Having a skilled and impartial counsellor come along-side, can help you see things as they are and make power-choices - bringing you to a place of resolution! 

This is what Mr O. has to say...

"My marriage had hit rock bottom. My wife and children had left me, and I didn't know how to come to terms with this. Rob agreed to help me through this rough time and eventually I got my family back. Now we are all happier than ever before!"

This is what Mr A. has to say...

"I suppose I didn't really believe that we could be helped out of what felt like deep pits of despair that we'd fallen into in our gay relationship!  I took the plunge and contacted Rob to see if he thought counselling might be able to help us.  Initially it was just me who saw saw Rob, as my partner really didn't have much faith in what could be achieved.  He was happy for me to go along, but held back until he saw that I was beginning to expereince breakthroughs with my own "stuff" - breakthroughs that led to me being able to make - what turned out to be - powerful choices for change.  After an intial few sessions my partner decided to "give it a go!" and was pleasantly surprised by the way it helped him personally and us together!  We haven't arrived yet...but we're getting there, thanks to all our hard work - us and Rob's!"

This is what Mr B. has to say...

"It took me a long time to make that first step towards getting help and calling Rob, but he made it very easy just to get started, and once I'd had my first session, it felt even easier to go back. I was struggling with my partner, fighting, feeling unable to communicate with her, and deceiving her over my past, and talking with Rob really helped. He was able to understand my feelings and help me to understand why I felt the way I did, and why I behaved the way I did.

Over the course of my therapy, I delved deeper into my emotions and make some really powerful discoveries about myself, which ultimately have helped me to change my life and become more comfortable with who I am. Rob was always supportive, and helped lead me towards growth that I can't imagine I could have reached on my own. I can easily recommend Rob to anyone I know he could be just as helpful, no matter what the situation."