Sexual Identity Crisis

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Sexual Identity Crisis? Our sexual identity isn't always a straightforward issue and there can be a day-in and day-out intolerable inner turmoil that feels insurmountable! Seeking the professional, empathic and skilled help that I can offer will provide a safe place for you to calm your brain-storm and bring peace to your feelings and emotions around your sexuality.  It's really can start "do-life" successfully!

This is what Mr. W has to say...

“I probably always knew that I was different to other children - but it wasn’t until Secondary School that I realised just how different I felt and was!  When my mates were into girls I just didn’t get it and felt more at home and at peace getting close to other guys!  I never really felt right one way or the other and was just confused - living as I was a secret life!

It’s a long story, but edging towards middle-age I finally gave in and sought help.  My first experience wasn’t helpful at all…but then I came across Rob and began to see him.  Slowly but surely I felt safe enough to be myself and really come to terms with the reality within.  It took quite a long time but I’ve now got my head right which has resulted in peaceful feelings and emotions and a life that I’m happy with!  It’s not all easy-peasy but I feel like a new person.  Thank you Rob!