Panic Attacks

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Are Panic-attacks making life unbearable?  Panic attacks are not only extremely scary - they rob you of confidence and the possibility of a normal life!  The Panic-Button can be pressed at any time…catching you out in the most devastating and embarrassing ways.  With my skilled, professional and empathic counselling help the fear of that panic-button being pressed can be a thing of the past.  Help to enable you to keep on making powerful choices… leading to feelings of peace and a freedom for your life that right now seems impossible is within your grasp!

This is what Mrs. J has to say...

"I am a student counsellor and I came to see Rob as part of my course. What I didn’t realise is how transforming these sessions would be! I suffered with panic attacks and Rob helped me to target the negative thoughts - showing me how I had the power of choice in all my circumstances. I no longer suffer with panic, attacks particularly around examinations. I now know I can choose to be anxious or I can choose to be at peace by challenging negative thinking. I have learned so much about myself, no more catastrophizing, but just learning to be real, all through the power of choice."