Obsessive, Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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Is your Obsessive, Compulsive Disorder inprisoning you? OCD can be described in many ways...but your experience of it in your life is totally unique and possibly beyond your ability to describe?  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has been described as being on a tortuous treadmill with no pay-off and no relief!  In reality, the treadmill is in your mind...a treadmill that you can stop and get off!  With my professional, skilled & empathic counselling help there is a way out of your nightmare.  There is a way for you to choose a different life...and that's a road into freedom!

This is what Ms. T  has to say...

My OCD imprisoned me behind prison bars, & it felt like I was in a never-ending Groundhog Day….going over & over the same obsessive & slavishly compulsive behaviours that drove me to despair!  A friend made a life-changing & ultimately life-saving suggestion that I go to see a Counsellor…something that filled me with horrors…’cos how on earth could I live without my obsessions?!  I finally gave in & my friend found Rob on the Website.  Just making my first free appointment gave me such a lift - a lift which kept going!  My progress wasn’t without it’s failures & problems…but I’m on the right track & 100% better than I was.  Thank you Rob for coming along & helping me to find my true life again!