Low Self-esteem

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Feeling Bad about yourself? Low self-confidence; Low self-esteem;  Low self - respect and Low self - motivation can bring you down to a place where you lose sight of the real you!  I can offer professional, expert counselling help to make small and more radical choices - often through a CBT approach - that can change the person you see in the mirror and help you to feel good about yourself again!

This is what Ms. B has to say...
"I suddenly realised that it has been a year since I stopped my counselling with you and I had meant to get in touch a long time before now!

I just thought I would check in and let you know how I’m getting on. As you probably can tell from the fact I’m not back on your doorstep that things have been going pretty well. Although this hasn’t been a particularly easy year so far I am still managing to feel positive and its because I now know how to tackle any problems that come up. You gave me the tools to be able to challenge negative thoughts and prevent that downward spiral that so often plagued me.

So I just really wanted to say a huge thank you. You helped turn my life around and thank you seems such an insufficient word. I hope that you are well and my very, very best wishes to you."