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Loneliness crippling your life? Loneliness for those who don't want it can be a claustrophobic-coffin that shuts you off from the world around you!  You're living, but inwardly dying!  you can be in a crowd but shut off from everyone around you - in a silent world only punctuated by your own inner screams!  Counselling isn't a "Friendship-Agency"...but it is a way of standing back from your life and being helped to make life-changing choices that can see you breaking out of that coffin into the life-giving light and air of powerful changes!  Contact Rob Slater today and draw a line under the past and open a door to a new future!

This is what Mrs L has to say...

Loneliness had been such an ever-present in my life that I didn't even think that anyone would be interested in helping me...even if I paid them!  Contacting Rob opened up my life - my mind to the possibility that things could change - and they did!  Rob's help, to make life-changing choices literally flattened my old voices and allowed me to enter into the world that I had been so cut off from!  Rob didn't find me new friends, but crucially I began to find out that I wasn't a freak or Zombie...but a human being with something to give and lots to receive!