Fear and Fear of Failure

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Is Fear & Fear of Failure holding you back? Fear comes from interpreting external circumstances in a threatening way – whether or not that's a rational reality!  What our inner-voice is saying and the believing of that voice can create "Fear-Pythons" out of Grass Snakes!  Result? An inability to take the next step or any step at all!  With my skilled counselling help, challenging that inner voice and interpreting your external circumstances in a more rational way through a CBT approach, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) will help you bring the "Fear-Python" down to Grass Snake size! 

This is what Ms. H has to say...
"Prior to meeting with Rob for the first time, I found myself becoming more and more fearful of the future & especially in my personal relationships with loved ones. I felt so low.  Following my initial session with Rob I found we had a connection and I had great hope of a brighter future. Thanks to Rob - and crucially, my sheer desire to change - I chose the right path for me. Now I'm pleased to say my worlds a brighter place. Things that would previously be destructive, I work with and not against, enabling me to move forward in my life.

I would recommend Rob to anyone wishing to choose a better life for themselves...for that - Rob Slater - I will be forever be indebted. Thank you."