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Embarrassment Caging you into Loneliness? Feelings of embarrassment can cage and cripple your life! Embarrassment can make normal living a dream and sad loneliness a reality!  As with many life-controlling issues, the things we say to ourselves directly affects our feelings, emotions and the outcome of our lives.  Your embarrassment can be conquered with my insightful, empathic & expert counselling help...take that powerful first step today!

This is what Mr M. has to say...

"Embarrassment had been like a dog on my shoulder for a vast majority of my life!  Even the thought that someone – especially a female! - was going to talk to me would trigger an almost automatic response of blushing and feeling that the whole world was looking at me and wondering "what on earth is the problem"?  I just kept battling through but with no let-up. 

Rob helped me to get hold of the thoughts behind my feelings and emotions that were triggering the inward and outward results.  I crucially came to understand that no-one was able to read my mind and that by making empowering choices I could conquer the debilitating syndrome that I was stuck in!  I'm now winning and feeling more free than ever before...thank you Rob!"