Eating Disorder (“Ed”)

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Struggling with an Eating Disorder (“Ed”)? More and more people – male and female – are struggling with Eating Disorders.  This destructive outward expression of complex inner turmoil feels so big and destructive that it colours and controls everything!  With my skilled & professional counselling help there is a way forward that can literally save a life – maybe yours or someone else's! Make a choice today to find freedom out of the control that your Eating Disorder exerts upon you! 

This is what Ms G. has to say...

"Prior to seeing Rob, I had suffered immensely for around 8 years. Stemming from a extremely negative relationship with food. I had bounced from depression to dependency on alcohol to anxiety and all the way back again. I genuinely believed that I would never change my habits and only really contacted Rob as a necessity, to try and save the relationships with friends and family that I was doing a damn good job of ruining. It has been a long slog but the change has been unbelievable and what amazes me is that I managed to make the change myself with Rob helping to facilitate the journey for me. Without his support I would still be crying alone in my room and for that I cannot thank him enough - I have my life back!"

This is what Ms S. has to say...

"Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during my "counselling" journey! I know it's your job but thank you especially for not making me feel like I was un-fixable!  I'm now eating properly and have managed to weigh myself without feeling as though my life revolves around "those numbers" I'm also spending more time with my family and friends (+boyfriend) without my many masks which is really cool - although a little scary. It's been a well spent time and value for money, so I can say that I would recommend you to others!"