CBT Counselling

(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

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CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a Counselling approach that is often heard about but not always understood or appreciated for the potentially powerful effect it can have on a person's life!  A very high proportion of Clients needing therapy have a basic need to take control of their thinking or self-talk.  It's often a surprise to discover what a powerful impact our self-talk has on our daily lives and how revolutionary it can be to take control of the day-in and day-out process of what we passively agree with and what we choose to feed into our minds!  Taking control of that process – with my skilled and professional counselling help - rather than being a victim of it can be so empowering!

Our Choices directly impact our Feelings and Emotions and fashion the way we do-life. Working on the Choices we make has seen mind-mountains moved and the course of lives re-directed so successfully that it amazes time after time!  We are who we are...but we're not the finished product!  You can change!  You can take control and stop being controlled...and that can start today! (Please see my "Approach" page for more)

This is what Mr. C has to say...

"When I started seeing Rob I really couldn't believe how examining, challenging and changing the destructive way I spoke to myself was possible!  I'd been me for so very long that I thought I was the done-deal and that's that!....how wrong I was!  Rob patiently worked with me to recognise the difference between my Thoughts and my Feelings and to challenge the way I used to beat myself up and put myself down...and it worked!!!!  I still have to stay alert to what I'm saying to myself and how rational or irrational I'm being...but I've now got the tools for living life succesfully and I'm always going to have them with me!  Thank you so very much Rob!