Bereavement and Loss

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Are you Bereaved? The death of a loved one - whether family or friend - can feel like the end of the world!  A multitude of destructive thoughts, feelings & emotions bombard you - possibly leaving you with the thought that you’d be better off out of everyone’s life - whilst feeling numb, empty, lonely and angry!  “Why did they have to die?!”  There is a way through Bereavement for you…but it will take professional, skilled and empathic help from someone who’s not only been there, but can help you to take the faltering steps back to living again.  Why not get in touch and find your life again?

Are you struggling with Loss?  Death is the most final of losses.  However we can experience Loss in many, many different ways!  Loss of employment; Loss of youth; Loss of relationship; Loss of wealth; Loss of health; Loss of home; Loss of independence; Loss of security;  Loss of hope; Loss of choice; Loss of family; Loss of friends; Loss of joy; Loss of love; Loss of passion; Loss of virility...I could go on!  If you are experiencing Loss of any description, do get in touch and start your emotional journey back to that place where you're not submerged by loss but can see a way through to gaining what you need to live again!

 This is what Mr. E has to say...

"This is just to thank you for your valuable help over the past year.  For many years I have had to cope with difficult times following the deaths of my first wife and child some years ago. I had tried many times to seek help but without success, however you have helped me to overcome my problems.

 I know feel that my life is providing me with the true contentment that it offered and my career is back on track."