I use a person centred approach - that also attends to your thinking - with all my counselling clients. 

Dip Couns. MBACP Accredited

Choice figures highly in the counselling process I introduce my clients to.  This is a cognitive and dynamic process - however I maintain a very person centred approach with all my clients.  This approach is often referred to as CBT - or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

As a counsellor, my role is to help you find freedom through your struggles, mountains, and the bars that imprison you! I believe so much in the power of your choice that I've headlined my Website with "Discover the power of choice and live in freedom"! ...Why?...because I consistently see my Clients exercise their free choice and empower themselves to start to live again...or often...to feel they are really living for the very first time! My job is to seek to meet you where you are and journey with you to the place where you want to be!  

To give you an idea of my approach and with her full permission, let me tell you of something that happened to a previous Client on her journey - we'll call her Jane. 

The bathroom...NOT the kitchen!

Jane was years into a seemingly hopeless lifestyle that included running to food to solve her emotional problems. On one occasion at home, some sessions into her time with me, Jane suddenly became overwhelmed by her emotions and went into automatic - as it were - and headed for the kitchen! On the way there however, Jane passed the bathroom and made a truly life-changing decision...she chose to fill a lovely deep bath, rather than continue to the kitchen and fill herself with food!

Believe it or not...this apparantly simple action was Jane's turning point and she never looked back! Jane discovered the reality of what we'd been exploring together i.e. that her freedom to choose was real and hers to use...and to find the real Jane again as she climbed through those bars that had held her for so many years! That wasn't the end of her journey...it was the start of a brand new day in her ongoing life-long journey! Jane's story is on my "Success Stories"...do please have a look!

I really believe it..."No-one's un-fixable!"

Although my Clients have to do the really hard work of choosing life and freedom and going on with it - the part of the journey that I travel with my Clients is something I'm passionately committed to and excited about!

After many years of being in the other chair in my counselling room and witnessing breakthrough after breakthrough...I'm convinced - that like Jane - "no-one's un-fixable!"...and that means you to!

Empowering you, to discover the power of your choice &
to live in freedom
— Rob Slater