Stress & Anxiety

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Stress and Anxiety winding you up? Stress and Anxiety is a symptom of allowing external circumstances dictate to you in a negative dynamic.  Taking control of those external circumstances – with my skilled and professional counselling help - through powerful choices, will allow you to dictate to the world around you - free from the power of Stress and Anxiety. Through a CBT approach - (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) - a positive mindset can mean a dynamic unwinding of your inner self, and freedom from the Stress and Anxiety that has dogged your life and those around you!

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This is what Mrs J. has to say...

"I am a student counsellor and I came to see Rob as part of my course. What I didn’t realise is how transforming these sessions would be! I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks.  Rob helped me to target the negative thoughts - showing me how I had the power of choice in all my circumstances. I no longer suffer with debilatating anxiety and panic, attacks particularly around examinations. I now know I can choose to be anxious or I can choose to be at peace by challenging negative thinking. I have learned so much about myself, no more catastrophizing, but just learning to be real, all through the power of choice."

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