Anger Management

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Anger destroying your life? The roots of anger – explosively violent or inwardly seething – are often deep and complex.  It may well feel like it's the only way of life you know and that you and others are condemned to a life that's trapped in anger's claws?  With my experienced, insightful and empathic counselling help you can bring that inner monster of anger under control - often though a CBT approach (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and start to live in freedom!

This is what Mr B. has to say...

"A few months back I felt my life was going nowhere; I had recently split from my girlfriend which affected me deeply. I harboured a lot of anger and resentment towards people who had bullied me in both school and in the workplace. I was anxious, angry, depressed, fearful and dependent on pornography. Rob helped me transform my life and helped me to forgive others and to think in a completely different and resourceful way. I would have no hesitation in recommending rob to anybody who needs similar help. Thank you once again Rob."